There's one thing I know about you:
whatever changes you want to make in your life,
you are ready.

Whether you want to move on from a relationship,
reinvent a relationship that needs an upgrade,
take daily action to move closer to your dreams,
or finally start that project that has been eating you up…

You can’t wait any longer to take action.

You are ready now. Today.

I'm Anna, and I empower people to shine by expressing their essence fully and creating a life they love.

Empowerment is defined as: “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

I define empowerment as: “the degree to which you feel free to be yourself.”



Self-expression isn’t only found in creative work.

It’s in the way you live each day,
the presence you offer those around you,
and the degree to which you feel like your true self.

Good enough.

Worthy enough.

Enough, period.

I’ve spent years helping men and women feel more like themselves,
positive, fulfilled, and living each day with purpose,
so I’m here to tell you:

You can, too.

Whatever you want to create in your life, you can create it.
Whatever story you want to tell, you can tell it.
Whatever authenticity means to you, you can embody it.

The best news: you don’t have to wait.

How I Can Help


The process will be as much fun as the end result, and you’ll feel seen, heard, and inspired.

Our solutions for you will be creative and specific, and you’ll walk away from each session armed with clear, achievable action steps.

Because of my unique perspective as both a coach and creative, I’ll support you not only in relationships, work, and wellness, but also in activating your imagination and creativity.

You will build and rebuild trust in yourself.
You will let go of resistance and limiting beliefs.
You will replace old thoughts with radical self-acceptance and love.
You will feel motivated to FINALLY take action!

You will generate the feelings and fulfillment you seek in the process, and the path will feel as good as the destination.

The secret

Show Up


The hardest part of any practice is showing up.

Through our work together, I’ll teach you how to show up more and more for whatever you’re creating in your life.

Because the secret is – showing up is all it takes.

When you take even the smallest action, the bigger story of your life starts unfolding.

When you show up in one part of your life, it radiates to others.

You no longer act alone, but co-create with the world around you, accelerating your efforts into something even greater than you can imagine.

Showing up is truly all it takes.

Want to work with me?


If you’re ready to show up for yourself and shine, we should talk. I’m here to help.