• Space and Time

    In lockdown a lot becomes clear. Not just your foibles and personal areas ripe for growth, not just your pet peeves and your annoyances at those who cannot follow directions even for their own good, but also the things you are grateful for. These might become apparent in the longing for human connection – you don’t know how good you have it until it is gone – or in the little things you see for the first time because you have slowed down enough to notice. Continue reading

  • Hello Pilot Light, Glad You’re Back

    It’s an odd thing to lose your vision. To lose your ability to see yourself in your own dreams. You know the vision in your heart, but your faith or belief in the possibility just fades and you cannot grasp on to it, you cannot dare hope. And then you turn a corner, you are reminded, the spark is lighted and you can once again commit to your dream, to your vision. Where did that flame go? Like a pilot light out in your stove, the spark that lights the flame, that keeps the passion coursing through your veins, just disappears. Maybe it was gradual, maybe it was all at once. It is hard to know because it isn’t until you miss it that you realise that it is gone. Continue reading